Rubbermaid Sheds

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Rubbermaid has been a trusted name in home organization for decades. Their latest line of Rubbermaid Sheds offers storage solutions to keep your outdoor gear and tools neatly organized. In this article, we’ll review some of the top Rubbermaid Sheds on the market, highlighting their features, pros and cons, and helping you find the perfect shed for your needs.

The Top 19 Best Rubbermaid Sheds

  1. Rubbermaid 5-ft x 6-ft Resin Storage Shed with Rolled Roof and Cane-Bolt Locking Mechanism — The Rubbermaid 5-ft x 6-ft Resin Storage Shed provides a spacious and durable solution for storing large items like mowers and bicycles, with easy assembly, good weather resistance, and a modern, low-profile design.
  2. Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Shed (32 Cu Ft Capacity, Green/Tan) — Boost your outdoor organization with the Rubbermaid Commercial horizontal shed, offering a large 32 cu ft capacity, maintenance-free durability, and effortless assembly.
  3. Rugged Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed with Easy Assembly — Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed offers a durable, rust-resistant solution for organizing patio, lawn, and gardening tools with its easy assembly and lockable doors.
  4. Rugged UV-Protected Rubbermaid Shed for Premium Storage and Security — Enhance your outdoor space with Lifetime’s 15-foot wide shed, boasting an attractive design, excellent weather resistance, and high-quality craftsmanship for both durability and storage flexibility.
  5. Durable Weather-Resistant Rubbermaid Shed for Outdoor Storage — Store your outdoor gear confidently with Rubbermaid’s 7x7 ft weather-resistant resin storage shed, featuring double-wall construction and hassle-free maintenance.
  6. Rubbermaid High-Quality, Weatherproof Resin Outdoor Storage Shed — Experience the ultimate outdoor storage solution with the Rubbermaid 7x7 ft Durable Weatherproof Resin Shed, combining fashionable style, low maintenance, and sturdy construction for all your gardening and lawn tool needs.
  7. Rubbermaid 7x7 Feet Resin Outdoor Storage Shed with 3-in-1 Tool Rack for Easy Organization — Rubbermaid 7x7 Feet Resin Outdoor Storage Shed + Tool & Sports Shed Rack: A stylish and durable solution for organizing your lawn and garden tools, with a maintenance-free design and 50-pound shelf capacity.
  8. Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed with UV Protection and Fade Resistant Plastic — The Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed offers a versatile, lockable, and weather-resistant solution for securely storing a wide range of outdoor equipment, with a generous 32 cu. ft. capacity and user-friendly design.
  9. Rubbermaid Vertical Shed for Outdoor Storage — Preserve yard and patio space with the Rubbermaid 3749 Vertical Storage Shed, featuring a slim design, appealing visuals, and customizable interior storage options for gardening essentials.
  10. Rubbermaid Outdoor Medium Storage Vertical Shed — Weather-Resistant, Easy to Assemble — Rubbermaid Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed: Perfect for small spaces with a maintenance-free, weather-resistant design that provides smart storage solutions for your gardening tools.
  11. Keter Factor Garden Shed: Elegant, 8x6ft Outdoor Storage Solution — Experience a stylish and convenient outdoor storage solution with the elegant Keter Factor 8 x 6 ft Garden Storage Shed, offering wide double doors, built-in ventilation, and durable weather-resistant resin.
  12. Large, Durable Outdoor Shed with Wide Double Doors and Skylight — The Keter Factor 8x8 Foot Large Resin Outdoor Shed offers a spacious, weather-resistant solution for organizing all your outdoor essentials, featuring skylight and windows for natural light, easy assembly, and a stylish wooden exterior look.
  13. Rubbermaid Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed for Large Capacity — The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Outdoor Storage Shed offers a large capacity, easy assembly, and durable construction, making it suitable for storing your outdoor gear with confidence.
  14. Rubbermaid Outdoor Large Storage Shed for Yard Tools and Equipment — Keep your outdoor belongings secure and organized with the Rubbermaid Outdoor Large Storage Shed, featuring easy assembly, a spacious capacity, and high-quality instruction and build design.
  15. Rubbermaid Medium Vertical Shed — Smart Storage for Patio and Yard Items — Rubbermaid Medium Vertical Shed — A slim, aesthetic, and durable outdoor storage solution with multiple organizational features, ensuring efficient space management for all your yard and patio essentials.
  16. Durable 7x7 ft Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed for All Seasons — Experience ultimate durability and convenience with the Rubbermaid 7x7 ft storage shed, offering easy access, maintenance-free construction, and a variety of customizable storage options.
  17. Rubbermaid Garden Master Resin Outdoor Storage Shed: Spacious and Durable for All Seasons — Store all your outdoor essentials with confidence in the Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed, boasting durable resin construction, heavy-duty roof, and easy DIY assembly while offering ample storage space and ventilation features.
  18. Waterproof Outdoor Shed for Versatile Storage and Security — Protect your tools and belongings with the Patiowell 5x3 ft Outdoor Storage Shed, featuring a lockable door, sloping roof, waterproof wallboard, and detailed installation instructions.
  19. Spacious Rubbermaid Double Wall Shed for Backyard Storage — Effortlessly enhance your outdoor storage space with the durable, lockable Rubbermaid 7x3-Foot Double Wall Plastic Utility Shed, available in Sandstone 2-pack!

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Rubbermaid 5-ft x 6-ft Resin Storage Shed with Rolled Roof and Cane-Bolt Locking Mechanism


I recently had the opportunity to use the Rubbermaid 5-ft x 6-ft Resin Storage Shed in off-white color. This shed, which is perfect for storing mowers, large power equipment, bicycles, trash cans, and other items that are difficult to accommodate, exceeded my expectations in terms of its durability and sleek design.

The low-profile design of the shed ensures that it meets standard fence height requirements, while the rollers on the lid make it easy to slide back for accessing items in the back. One of the most impressive features of this shed is its unique cane-bolt locking mechanism, which provides an added sense of security for your belongings.

Inside the shed, there’s ample storage space, with dimensions measuring 52-in W x 72-in D x 42-in H. Additionally, the use of shelving, pegboard, or hooks on the back wall is possible thanks to the double-wall construction and included wall anchors. The shed is also leak-resistant and weather-resistant, ensuring that your belongings remain protected from harsh weather conditions.

While the assembly process is fast and straightforward, I did encounter a few minor obstacles along the way. However, the instructions provided were clear, and I was able to overcome these challenges without too much difficulty. Overall, my experience using the Rubbermaid 5-ft x 6-ft Resin Storage Shed was a pleasant one, with the shed’s numerous features and sturdy construction helping me safely store my items.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Shed (32 Cu Ft Capacity, Green/Tan)


The Rubbermaid Commercial horizontal storage shed has become a staple in my outdoor space, providing both easy accessibility and protection for my lawn and garden essentials. The durable resin construction has held up well against the elements, with no signs of rust, rot, or fading.

One standout feature of this shed is its sturdy interlocking design, which makes it a breeze to assemble and ensures a tight, waterproof fit. The fact that it doesn’t require any tools for assembly is a major plus, as is its lockable feature (though the lock does need to be purchased separately).

A potential downside is that the instructions could be improved, which might present a challenge for some users. Another aspect that could use some improvement is the door’s design, which can sometimes let in more rain than intended. However, overall, the shed has proven to be both functional and reliable.

Rugged Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed with Easy Assembly


I recently decided to upgrade the look of my outdoor space, so I purchased this Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed. To be honest, the sheds I’ve used in the past were always made out of metal or wood, so I was excited to try something different.

One of the best things about this shed is that it’s made from rugged high-density polyethylene construction — it won’t rot, chip, or crack like the metal storage sheds I’ve used before. And let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than having to replace a shed every few years.

As for the assembly, it was surprisingly easy! I managed to put it together by myself in just a few hours, which was a relief. The instructions were straightforward and the panels, floor, and roof all snapped together like a charm. It’s a good thing, too, because I didn’t have anyone to help me lift the heavy roof into place.

Now, onto the not-so-great part. The shed only comes with one shelf, which is a bit of a letdown. I would have loved to have more shelves for better organization, especially since I have so many tools and supplies to store.

Another thing I noticed was that even though the shed is made to be weather-resistant, it’s still not completely impervious to the elements. I’ve had a few instances where rainwater has managed to seep through the cracks around the doors and leak inside. It’s nothing drastic, but it is disappointing nonetheless.

In conclusion, this Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed is a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional metal or wood sheds. It’s easy to assemble and will last longer without rotting or rusting. Just be prepared to deal with a few minor drawbacks, like the lack of extra shelves and a bit of water leakage around the doors.

Rugged UV-Protected Rubbermaid Shed for Premium Storage and Security


As a product reviewer, I have had the chance to use this Lifetime Storage Shed in my backyard for the past few months, and I must say my experience has been a mix of pros and cons. The first thing that stood out to me was the attractive appearance and design of this sheds; the stain-resistant exterior and the UV protection to prevent fading and cracking are definitely some of the great features that I appreciate. However, setting it up and assembling the unit was a bit challenging and required some patience, as I had to wait for the right time to get started.

One of the major positives of this product is the robust construction and high-density polyethylene(HDPE) roof trusses, which have provided a sturdy structure for my belongings. But on the downside, I have noticed that the lockable steel-reinforced doors have not lived up to my expectations. Additionally, there were some issues with the skylight that caused me a bit of frustration.

Overall, using the Lifetime Storage Shed as a daily storage solution has been an interesting experience. While it has its fair share of benefits, there are certain aspects that could use some improvement. However, if you’re looking for a well-designed storage solution with a long lifespan and attractive appearance, this shed might just be what you need.

Durable Weather-Resistant Rubbermaid Shed for Outdoor Storage


I recently tried out the Rubbermaid 7 x 7 Foot Weather Resistant Resin Outdoor Storage Shed for my weekends’ worth of gardening equipment. At first, I was impressed by how easy it was to assemble, following the clear instructions provided. It was great to see how durable the shed seemed, with its impact-resistant floor and weather-resistance guaranteed to last all year long.

However, one issue I quickly discovered was that the shed’s doors didn’t quite close properly, making it a bit of a security concern. Additionally, while I appreciated the shed’s spacious interior, it became apparent that the weather resistance wasn’t as reliable as I had hoped. After a particularly rainy day, I noticed that water had gotten inside the shed and damaged a few of my gardening tools.

On the positive side, I found the shed’s capacity to be more than enough for storing all of my gardening essentials. With the additional storage options, organization was a breeze, and I was able to keep everything neatly in place. The attractive gray color of the shed complemented my backyard nicely, providing an overall pleasant appearance.

In conclusion, the Rubbermaid Storage Shed did have some positive aspects such as its convenient access and capacity, but it also had drawbacks, including the doors’ closure issue and the lackluster weather resistance. I’m not sure if I would recommend this shed to a friend, but I can say that it did its job in accommodating my gardening equipment during my testing period.

Rubbermaid High-Quality, Weatherproof Resin Outdoor Storage Shed


This Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed has become a reliable companion in my garden. Its durable, weatherproof design is perfect for storing lawnmowers and other gardening tools.

The double-wall surface construction keeps things secure and neat. Assembling it was a breeze, even with its maintenance-free features.

The sturdy, impact-resistant flooring adds to its durability. However, beware of customer service issues and potential missing parts that could cause frustration. Overall, it’s a pretty good buy, just watch out for the few pitfalls.

Rubbermaid 7x7 Feet Resin Outdoor Storage Shed with 3-in-1 Tool Rack for Easy Organization


After years of struggling with disorganized lawn equipment, I decided to give the Rubbermaid 7x7 Feet Resin Outdoor Storage Shed a try. The first thing that stood out to me was its durability and stylish appearance, which perfectly fit my outdoor space.

Assembly was relatively easy, but I did require help for the roof and beams. The double-wall surface construction felt secure and stable, effectively keeping my tools and equipment safe from the elements. However, I encountered a few frustrations along the way, such as missing floor panels and issues with customer service.

One of the best features of this shed is the included Tool and Sports Shed Storage Rack. It allowed me to store long-handled tools and sports equipment, freeing up floor space for other items. While it can hold up to 50 pounds of equipment, it might not be the best choice for heavier items due to its weight capacity.

Overall, the Rubbermaid Shed has its ups and downs. The stylish design, easy assembly, and useful rack are definite pros, but the occasional missing parts and customer service issues are cons that can’t be overlooked.

Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed with UV Protection and Fade Resistant Plastic


Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed. As someone who’s always on the lookout for practical and efficient storage solutions, I was quite excited to see how this product stacked up.

First off, the shed’s design was quite impressive. Its portable and lockable nature made it perfect for storing outdoor tools and equipment without any hassle. The two front doors and top opening provided easy access to a spacious interior with a capacity of 32 cubic feet. I appreciated the fact that it was made from weather-resistant plastic, which meant that it wouldn’t rot or rust like metal or wood sheds. The UV protection, fade resistance, and weather resistance were also plus points, ensuring that my items would be protected from moisture and sun damage.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I encountered. The assembly instructions were quite low quality and not very clear. As a result, putting the shed together ended up being more challenging than I had anticipated. Additionally, the floor was somewhat fragile and could benefit from additional protection such as plywood. The roof’s design also seemed a bit weak when it came to handling impact, which was a bit disappointing.

Despite these minor issues, the Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed proved to be a solid choice for anyone in need of a dependable and spacious storage solution. Its stylish design and ability to withstand harsh elements made it an attractive addition to my home and yard. If Rubbermaid addressed the assembly instructions and reinforced the floor and roof, this product could easily earn a perfect rating.

Rubbermaid Vertical Shed for Outdoor Storage


I recently had the chance to try out the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed and was pleasantly surprised by its features. The slim design of the shed made it an ideal addition to my garden area, taking up much less space than a traditional storage shed. And the maintenance-free aspect meant I didn’t have to worry about weathering or leaks affecting its appearance.

One of the first things I noticed while setting up the shed was how easy it was to assemble, with the interlocking panels making it a breeze. As someone who’s not particularly skilled in putting things together, this was a big plus. The grid floor was another highlight that kept my long-handled gardening tools snugly in place.

However, there were some small downsides. The lockable molded-in grooves for shelves were not included, which meant I had to buy them separately and cut them to size. While this wasn’t a deal-breaker, it would have been convenient if they were included. Additionally, the lockable door did not come with a lock, which meant I had to purchase one separately.

Overall, my experience with the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed was quite positive. Its slim design and easy assembly made it a great addition to my outdoor space, and its weather-resistant features ensured it looked good for years to come. Despite the minor inconvenience of not having shelves and a lock included, I would gladly recommend this shed to anyone looking for a stylish and practical outdoor storage solution.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Medium Storage Vertical Shed — Weather-Resistant, Easy to Assemble


The Rubbermaid Outdoor Medium Storage Shed is a practical and stylish solution for storing your outdoor essentials. I’ve been using this shed for a few months now, and it has made a significant difference in organizing my outdoor space.

One of the standout features of this shed is its slim design, which allows it to safely store various items, such as push mowers, garden tools, and ladders. It preserves valuable yard or patio space with its smaller footprint, making it a smart choice for those with limited outdoor storage options.

I also appreciate the attractive metal handle accents, which provide an aesthetically pleasing design that complements my outdoor décor. The weather-resistant construction ensures that the shed can withstand harsh weather conditions, looking good year after year without any maintenance.

However, one downside I’ve experienced is the inconvenient interior storage design. While the smart storage options are available, they aren’t included with the purchase, and some may find it frustrating to customize the interior to their needs.

Overall, the Rubbermaid Outdoor Medium Storage Shed offers a practical and attractive solution for those looking to organize their outdoor space. With a few customizations, it can be a functional and visually appealing addition to your home.

Keter Factor Garden Shed: Elegant, 8x6ft Outdoor Storage Solution


Imagine coming home after a long day in the garden, only to find a cluttered mess of tools, equipment, and outdoor furniture. To solve this problem, I decided to try out the Keter Factor 8 x 6ft Outdoor Storage Shed.

This maintenance-free shelter has a double entry door, providing easy access to the spacious interior that can accommodate all your outdoor essentials. I loved the durability of the weather-resistant resin, which not only looked sleek and elegant like wooden furniture, but also ensured my belongings were safe from any harsh weather conditions.

The included shelves in the shed made it an all-in-one storage solution, and the door locks provided added security. However, there were a few challenges in the assembly process. It took longer than expected due to some missing screws and difficult-to-reach spots with a standard screwdriver. Still, once it was built, it looked fantastic in my garden and proved to be a wise investment for keeping my outdoor space tidy and organized.

The Keter Factor 8 x 6ft Outdoor Storage Shed combines functionality with style, seamlessly fitting into any garden setting. Its high-quality materials and easy-to-access interior make it a worthy addition to any outdoor storage needs, and its ease of assembly ensures a hassle-free experience for the user.

Large, Durable Outdoor Shed with Wide Double Doors and Skylight


Over the past couple of months, I’ve been using the Keter Factor 8x8 Outdoor Shed as my go-to solution for tidying up my garage and garden. I must say, it has given me an extra level of organization that I hadn’t anticipated.

One of the aspects I found most impressive was its spacious interior. The shed is perfect for storing all the equipment I have — from garden tools and pool toys to bulky items like my lawnmower. And with two built-in shelves and a floor panel included, I can keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible.

I also really appreciate the security features that the shed offers. The locking mechanism on the wide double doors provides a great sense of reassurance, knowing that my belongings are safe inside. And speaking of the doors, they are huge — really making it a breeze to move things in and out of the shed.

Another standout feature for me is the natural light and airflow, thanks to the skylight and built-in window. No more rummaging around in a dim, stuffy space.

While there have been no issues as of yet, one thing I would like to point out is that the assembly process can be a bit tricky. But with the provided instructions and some patience, I was able to handle it without much trouble.

Overall, the combination of durability, security features, and ample storage space makes the Keter Factor Outdoor Shed an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring some order to their outdoor gear.

Rubbermaid Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed for Large Capacity


A couple of months ago, I decided to upgrade my outdoor storage game with the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Outdoor Storage Shed. This sturdy, vertical structure stood out to me for its capacity and durability. I was most excited about the wide double doors and the structural foam bottom panel, which I thought would do the job just fine.

The first challenge I faced was the shipping process, which turned out to be quite a mess. However, the actual shed itself was in good condition, with no missing parts or instructions. Assembling it was a breeze, taking only a few minutes and requiring no extra tools. The outside color and overall appearance of the shed were quite appealing, which made me feel even more satisfied with my purchase.

In terms of usability, the shed had a large capacity and was perfect for storing various gardening tools and equipment. One downside, though, was the inconvenient storage design, especially since there were no built-in shelves or racks. I had to get creative to make the most out of the space. Additionally, while the shed felt relatively sturdy, it did seem to have a bit of a wobbly feel to it, which made me a bit concerned about its weather resistance.

Despite these minor issues, I believe the Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed serves its purpose quite well. The easy assembly, overall durability, and visual appeal make it a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of some extra storage space. Just be prepared to handle the potential inconveniences that come with the package!

Rubbermaid Outdoor Large Storage Shed for Yard Tools and Equipment


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Rubbermaid Outdoor Large Storage Shed, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in organizing my yard and patio. The shed’s hinged lid and dual front doors make it incredibly convenient to access from all sides, and the locking latch ensures my personal property stays safe and secure.

One feature I particularly appreciated was the ease of assembly. With no tools required, my partner and I had it up and running in no time. The sturdy material of the shed made it even more rewarding to know it can withstand the elements and keep our belongings safe.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I encountered. Firstly, the instructions were quite poor, making the assembly process a bit more challenging than it needed to be. Additionally, the color turned out to be quite a bit grayer than I was expecting, based on the product’s image.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this Rubbermaid Outdoor Large Storage Shed, and it has certainly made a positive impact on my outdoor organization. Despite the minor setbacks, the pros far outweigh the cons in this case.

Rubbermaid Medium Vertical Shed — Smart Storage for Patio and Yard Items


As a homeowner, I was always in search of better storage options for my outdoor equipment. The Rubbermaid Vertical Shed quickly caught my attention with its sleek design and promise of a space-saving solution. I decided to give it a try, and I was quite pleased with my purchase.

While assembling the shed, I found the instructions to be clear and easy to follow, with all necessary hardware included. The slim design of the shed allowed me to effortlessly store items that were previously taking up far more space, such as long-handled tools and yard equipment. The sturdy construction, along with its dent and leak-resistant properties, assured me that my items would be well-protected from the elements, despite occasional harsh weather conditions.

The aesthetic appeal of the shed, with its metal handle accents, is an added bonus that complements my outdoor décor. The storage capacity of the shed is impressive, and I was able to customize its interior with smart storage solutions to suit my needs.

However, there were a few drawbacks to my experience with the Rubbermaid Vertical Shed. During the assembly process, I encountered a few small parts that seemed to be made of lower quality material, and I had to force them into place. Additionally, while the shed is easy to assemble, it may not be the best option for those with mobility issues as it requires manual labor to secure the roof in place.

In conclusion, the Rubbermaid Vertical Shed has been a valuable addition to my outdoor storage options. Its slim design, durable construction, and customizable interior make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking efficient and attractive storage solutions. The few drawbacks, while not ideal, are worth considering before making a purchase.

Durable 7x7 ft Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed for All Seasons


I recently decided to organize my yard and was looking for a proper shed to store all my tools and outdoor belongings. I came across the Rubbermaid 7x7 ft Durable Weather Resistant Resin Outdoor Storage Shed and decided to give it a try.

Upon receiving the shed, I noticed that it was surprisingly easy to set up on my own. I did encounter some minor issues with securing the panels and having to make a few adjustments, but overall, it was a breeze to assemble.

Once put together, I was impressed with the design and aesthetic of the shed. It added a touch of elegance to my outdoor space, and my yard now looks much neater and organized. I loved the convenience it provided, with doors that open wide without any interference when accessing my items.

The shed boasts an unmatched durability that is truly remarkable. Its tough double-wall resin construction and impact-resistant floor ensure that it provides long-lasting protection for all my belongings. Moreover, the all-weather design ensures that it won’t rust or rot, unlike metal or wood sheds, giving me peace of mind.

One aspect of the shed that impressed me was its maintenance-free feature. The resin material is resistant to rust and rot, so I won’t have to worry about regular maintenance and repairs, making my life infinitely easier.

However, there were limitations regarding customization. While the Rubbermaid shed provides a good amount of versatility with its ability to accommodate various organizational accessories, I found that its capacity was limited compared to other larger sheds I’ve seen.

In conclusion, the Rubbermaid 7x7 ft Durable Weather Resistant Resin Outdoor Storage Shed turned out to be a convenient and durable solution for storing my outdoor belongings. While it did present a few minor drawbacks, its ease of assembly, weather resistance, and maintenance-free design outweigh these limitations. Overall, I would recommend this shed to anyone looking to organize their yard while adding aesthetic value to their outdoor space.

Rubbermaid Garden Master Resin Outdoor Storage Shed: Spacious and Durable for All Seasons


As a gardener, I found myself in need of a sturdy and reliable storage shed for all my outdoor gear. That’s when I stumbled upon the Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed. After assembling it in my backyard, I was impressed with how well it held up against the elements. The double-wall construction and heavy-duty roof made it a reliable choice for keeping my belongings safe and dry.

However, there were a few drawbacks. The flimsy top cover hinges made me worried about their durability. Additionally, the floor seemed a bit too lightweight for my taste. But overall, I think it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a secure and practical shed solution for their outdoor storage needs.

Waterproof Outdoor Shed for Versatile Storage and Security


In my quest for a reliable and stylish storage solution for my backyard, I stumbled upon the Patiowell outdoor storage shed and was intrigued by its promise of versatility and functionality. After following the detailed installation instructions, I was impressed by the waterproof and moisture-proof overlapped wallboard that enabled me to store my gardening tools and gear with confidence, regardless of the weather.

One of the features that stood out to me was the lockable door with a sloping roof, which provided not only security but also extra storage space while preventing rainwater accumulation and rusting. The protective plastic caps at the sharp corners and each screw were thoughtful additions, ensuring my safety during construction and usage.

While the Patiowell storage shed met my expectations in terms of functionality and security, there was a slight drawback in the form of an incomplete base, which meant I had to construct it myself. However, considering the overall value and quality of this product, I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and spacious outdoor storage solution.

Spacious Rubbermaid Double Wall Shed for Backyard Storage


I had the pleasure of using a Rubbermaid 7x3 Foot Double Wall Plastic Utility Storage Shed in my backyard, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The lockable doors and wide entrance made it easy for me to access my belongings whenever I needed to.

However, assembling it was a bit more cumbersome than I anticipated. Nonetheless, with the help of a friend and some common household tools, we were able to put it together in no time.

Overall, it’s a reliable and practical storage solution that I’d highly recommend to anyone in need of a sturdy outdoor storage shed.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our guide on Rubbermaid Sheds! Here, you will find all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision when choosing a Rubbermaid Shed. We’ve covered important features, considerations, and general advice to ensure your new shed meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Important Features

  • Material: Rubbermaid sheds are made from high-grade, durable materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Insulation: To protect your tools and equipment from extreme temperatures, most Rubbermaid sheds come equipped with insulation.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent excessive humidity and encourage airflow in your shed.
  • Security: Rubbermaid sheds are designed with sturdy locks, handles, and hinges to secure your belongings and protect them from intruders.
  • Customization: Many Rubbermaid shed models offer various customization options, such as color, size, and design, to suit your specific needs.


  • Size: Before purchasing a Rubbermaid shed, consider the size of your lawn or space where the shed will be installed, as well as the amount and type of equipment or tools you plan to store.
  • Style: Decide on the exterior design of your shed, as some models offer a more traditional appearance, while others have modern or unique styles.
  • Color: Select a color that complements your property and personal style preferences, as many Rubbermaid sheds are available in various color options.
  • Insulation: Consider the climate and weather conditions in your area, as insulation may be necessary to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Assembly: Some Rubbermaid sheds come pre-assembled, while others require assembly. Factor in the time and effort required to assemble the shed before making your purchase.

General Advice

When purchasing a Rubbermaid Shed, it is essential to consider the overall quality of the shed and its features. Look for a shed with a durable frame, locking handles, and solid locks to ensure your belongings are secure. Additionally, ensure the shed’s materials and insulation provide adequate protection against the elements in your area.

To get the most out of your Rubbermaid Shed, consider organizing your tools and equipment before storage. This will help you maintain an organized and efficient space, saving time when searching for specific items.

Finally, invest in a Rubbermaid Shed that fits your needs and fits in with your property’s style. This will help you enjoy the benefits of a functional and attractive shed for years to come.

We hope this buyer’s guide has been helpful in deciding which Rubbermaid Shed is right for you. Remember to consider important features, make necessary considerations, and follow our general advice to ensure a successful and satisfying purchase experience.



What are Rubbermaid Sheds?

Rubbermaid Sheds are a line of premium sheds designed for outdoor storage. They are made from durable materials to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide optimal storage solutions for various household items.

What are the available sizes of Rubbermaid Sheds?

Rubbermaid Sheds come in several sizes, including 5.5 feet by 5.5 feet (45 cubic feet), 7.6 feet by 8.8 feet (62 cubic feet), and 10 feet by 10 feet (100 cubic feet). Each size accommodates a different volume of storage and is suitable for various needs.


What materials are Rubbermaid Sheds made from?

Rubbermaid Sheds are made from high-quality resin and coated steel. The combination of these materials provides durability, resistance to corrosion, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional wooden sheds.

What are the benefits of using Rubbermaid Sheds?

  • Weather-resistant: The resin and coated steel materials of Rubbermaid Sheds make them highly resistant to corrosion, moisture, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Durable: Rubbermaid Sheds are built to last, thanks to their robust construction and quality materials.
  • Secure: Each shed is equipped with a sturdy locking system, ensuring that your stored items remain safe and secure.
  • Maintenance-free: Unlike traditional wooden sheds, Rubbermaid Sheds do not require painting or staining, which makes them low-maintenance and easy to clean.

How should I install a Rubbermaid Shed?

Installation instructions and kits are provided with each Rubbermaid Shed purchase. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper assembly and secure the shed to the ground using the anchors and stakes provided in the kit. The installation process may vary depending on the size of the shed and the ground conditions, but the manufacturer’s instructions will provide detailed guidance.

Can Rubbermaid Sheds be customized to fit specific storage needs?

While each size has a standard set of interior dimensions, Rubbermaid offers shelves, pegboards, and other organizational accessories that can be added to customize your shed according to your storage requirements.

What is the warranty on Rubbermaid Sheds?

Rubbermaid Sheds come with a comprehensive warranty, which typically covers any defects in workmanship or materials for a specified period (usually between 1–3 years). Refer to the warranty information provided with your purchase for specific details.