Para P14 45 Grips

Cayson Conway
9 min readMar 25, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the Para P14 45 Grips! If you’re in the market for a reliable and versatile grip system, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be highlighting the top Para P14 45 Grips available on the market, catering to all your grip needs. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the best Para P14 45 Grips out there.

The Top 6 Best Para P14 45 Grips

  1. Hogue HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves for Jericho 941 Guns — Hogue HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves: Scientifically designed for a secure fit and long-lasting performance, perfect for Jericho 941 Grips.
  2. Fortis Shift Angled Grip MLOK FDE: Enhanced Handling and Versatile Performance — Experience a perfect blend of comfort and functionality with the Fortis Shift Angled Grip MLOK FDE, designed for unmatched accuracy and control on the battlefield or range.
  3. Slip-On Gripper for Universal Pistols: Customizable & Non-Slip — Experience superior grip customization and control with Pachmayr’s Gripper Slip-On Universal Grip, the ultimate solution for a variety of medium to full size pistols including Taurus PT 22 Grips.
  4. Stylish Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip for Slip-Resistant Performance — Experience ultimate grip and performance with the Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip, combining tour-inspired style and versatile design for golfers of all hand sizes.
  5. Deep Pistol Dimension Armlock Grip for Golfers — Experience the perfect balance between tradition and innovation with Evnroll Midlock Grips, designed to feel like a 34-inch putter while conforming to USGA pistol grip dimensions.
  6. PBPRO Premium Pickleball Paddle Overgrip for Enhanced Grip and Control — PBPRO Premium Pickleball Overgrips provide superb comfort, grip, and control with their 12-pack of interchangeable, non-slip, moisture-absorbent colors.

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Hogue HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves for Jericho 941 Guns


I recently gave the Hogue HandALL a shot after hearing rave reviews about their grips. Let me tell you, there’s a reason they’re so popular. The elastomer rubber is soft but durable, making them comfortable to use yet sturdy enough to stand up to some serious handling. What stood out to me the most was the Cobblestone grip pattern; it provides excellent traction, especially in tricky situations.

Installation was super easy — just slip these on your firearm, and you’re good to go. They fit snugly and securely, thanks to the innovative shape that hugs the contours of the firearm. Plus, these grips provide years of dependable service, so you don’t have to worry about them wearing down anytime soon.

While I was using the grips, I noticed how the Black finish not only looked great, but also held up well against dirt and grime. I also appreciated that these grips fit a variety of popular handguns, including my Jericho 941, making them a versatile addition to anyone’s collection.

As someone who values quality, I was amazed by how these grips surpassed my expectations. From the texture and durability to the ease of installation, Hogue HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves have definitely made their way into my daily carry. If you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable grip, look no further than these. Highly recommended!

Fortis Shift Angled Grip MLOK FDE: Enhanced Handling and Versatile Performance


Using the Fortis Shift Angled Grip in my daily life has been a game-changer. The short angled grip is a perfect hybrid, combining comfort and functionality. When thumbing over the gun, the grip makes it easy to hold and handle with confidence.

Its organic design enables me to manipulate the rifle in ways that aren’t possible with other vertical grip designs. The distinctive grip design stands out and truly makes a difference. If you want to maintain your speed and accuracy, while putting more shots on target, give the Fortis Shift a try.

Let me know your thoughts on this excellent grip! .

Slip-On Gripper for Universal Pistols: Customizable & Non-Slip


I recently gave Pachmayr’s Gripper Slip-On Grip a try, and I must say, it’s a great alternative to the default pistol grips that come with many handguns. The grip fits snugly and comfortably in the hand, and I especially appreciate the molded trim lines that allow for a customized fit to my pistol.

One feature that stood out to me was the grip’s non-slip texture, which provides an excellent grip in various situations. Palm swells also make the fit and control of the grip even better. Another advantage is that the backside of finger grooves is recessed, making it perfect for use on pistols with or without finger grooves.

While the grip is universally designed and impervious to weather, sweat, oils, and solvents, I did have a minor issue with it. My pistol has a grip safety, and the gripper’s tight fit made it difficult to activate the safety. However, this is only a minor inconvenience, and overall, the Gripper Slip-On Grip is a fantastic addition to any handgun.

Stylish Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip for Slip-Resistant Performance


I’ve been using the Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip Red/Black for a while now, and it’s been a game-changer for my putting experience. The grip’s bold styling with tour-inspired looks definitely adds a touch of sophistication to my putter. The jumbo pistol shaping is versatile and fits a wide variety of hand sizes, including my own. The soft, tactile construction enhances the overall feel, making it comfortable for me to use.

However, I have to mention the slip-resistant surface, which I found a bit challenging to get used to at first. It took a bit of time to get a good grip on the putter, but once I did, it felt much more secure. The grip’s size was impressive, giving my hands a thicker feel, which I appreciated.

Overall, this jumbo grip has improved my putting game significantly, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish, and reliable putter grip.

Deep Pistol Dimension Armlock Grip for Golfers


I recently had the chance to try out the Evnroll Midlock Grips, and I must say, I was really impressed by how easy it was to make a comfortable armlock putter. The deep pistol dimension allowed by the USGA is a huge perk, as it helped reduce the typical nine-degree loft to just four.

One thing that really stood out for me was the grip’s positioning halfway up the forearm, which was different from the traditional armlock putter that extends all the way to the elbow. This positioning made it feel like a traditional 34-inch putter, which I thought was a great feature.

However, it’s essential to note that these grips are not the 17" XL version, so make sure to double-check before ordering. Overall, I found the Evnroll Midlock Grips to be a fantastic addition to any golfer’s toolkit, and I highly recommend giving them a try.

PBPRO Premium Pickleball Paddle Overgrip for Enhanced Grip and Control


As someone who’s tried these PBPRO Premium overgrips while playing a lively game of pickleball, I must say that they’ve made quite a difference in my overall grip and control over the paddle. The non-slip and moisture-absorbent coating has proved particularly useful in those sweaty moments — preventing my hands from slipping even when I’m giving it my all.

One downside to note is the sometimes tricky process of peeling the grip and applying it to the paddle properly. It took me a few tries, but I finally got the technique down pat. These blue beauties do a solid job of enhancing my tactile experience and provide optimal comfort without feeling too bulky. Kudos to PBPRO for creating a product that’s both functional and stylish!

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing Para P14 45 grips, there are several important factors to consider to ensure the best fit for your needs and preferences. In this guide, we’ll outline the key features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision on your Para P14 45 grip purchase.


Key Features

  1. Material: Para P14 45 grips are typically made from durable materials like Tritium or Grip-10. These materials offer excellent grip and resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Texture: Grips come in a variety of textures to provide a comfortable grip and reduce the risk of slipping. Some options include finger grooves, stippling, or cross-stitching.
  3. Size: Verify the size of your pistol to ensure the grip will fit correctly. Generally, Para P14 45 grips are measured in inches or millimeters for a proper fit.


  1. Comfort: Ensure the grip feels comfortable and conforms to your hand for a better shooting experience. Make sure the grip’s diameter and length are suitable for your hand size.
  2. Weight: Consider the weight of the grip when determining whether it’s suitable for your shooting style. Lighter grips may be easier to carry and maneuver, while heavier grips provide increased stability and control.
  3. Durability: Choose a grip made from high-quality materials that can withstand the constant use of the weapon. Ensure the grip is resistant to wear and tear, water, and other environmental factors.

General Advice

  1. Always take the time to research and compare different Para P14 45 grips on the market to ensure you find the best fit for your shooting style and preferences.
  2. If possible, try grips out at a local range or visit online forums to get a feel for different types and styles.
  3. Remember that while grip selection can impact accuracy and comfort, it’s essential not to compromise your shooting technique for the sake of a perfect grip.



What are Para P14 45 Grips?

Para P14 45 Grips are an accessory designed for shotguns and rifles. They are designed to enhance the grip and provide better control over the firearm. These grips are available in various colors and style options, making them suitable for different users.

What materials are Para P14 45 Grips made of?

Para P14 45 Grips are typically made from high-quality materials such as polymer or rubber, which provides a comfortable grip and durability. The use of these materials ensures that the grips are resistant to wear and tear and will maintain their shape over time.


What is the difference between Para P14 45 Grips and other grips on the market?

Para P14 45 Grips are known for their ergonomic design and superior grip. They provide a comfortable and secure grip, which enhances control and accuracy. Additionally, Para P14 45 Grips are available in various colors and style options, making them suitable for different users.

How do I install Para P14 45 Grips?

Installing Para P14 45 Grips is a straightforward process. Most grips require the removal of the existing grip and the installation of the new grip. This can usually be done with basic tools such as a screwdriver. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.


What is the warranty on Para P14 45 Grips?

The warranty period for Para P14 45 Grips will depend on the retailer or distributor. It is essential to check with the seller for their specific warranty terms and conditions.

Where can I purchase Para P14 45 Grips?

Para P14 45 Grips are available at various retailers, both online and in-store. It is best to check with the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly for more information on where to purchase their products.

How much do Para P14 45 Grips cost?

The cost of Para P14 45 Grips will depend on various factors such as the style, color, and retailer. It is best to check with the specific retailer for their pricing information.